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Business Alignment

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Join us for the "How to align your energy to attract more clients" program running in March 2012.

Learn a process to align your energy and clear blocks. Three energetically charged 60 minute+ recordings, worksheets, resources and a dowloadable set of Chakra cards.

Includes bonus recordings!

Learn how to:

1. Align to … working with more clients - March 7, 11am
What are the unseen blocks that are preventing you attracting new clients? Often we might say we want more clients – but subconsciously we’re actually blocking it. The changes we need to make in order to attract more clients are nearly always internal.

2. Align to … your ideal client - March 14, 11am
You might just feel you’re happy to attract ANY clients but the truth is that your ideal client will help you perform at your best. They are the most likely to continue to work with you – and tell others how wonderful you are.

3. Align to … your fees - March 21, 11am
You need to be congruent with what you’re charging in order to attract clients who are also happy to pay your fees and know they get great value. You also need to have the confidence in yourself and your abilities and the knowledge that your services are actually worth far MORE than what you charge.

There are also three bonus recordings, created since the live calls in 2011.

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